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Load Oil Cooler Core For Sale

Oil cooler core
Stewart Warner model 8432-E. Needs overhaul.

Load Constant Speed Cowlings For Sale

Constant Speed Cowlings for RV4 + 2 air ramps + extra scoop. Box 40"x23.5"x32.5" Weight ~30lb. Approximate shipping cost SEA-NY

Load Chromed Torque Tube For Sale Item

Chromed manual flaps torque tube.

Load Push-Pull Elevator Cable For Sale

Push-pull cable for RV4 manual elevator trim.

Load 2 Lever Throttle Quadrant For Sale

2 lever throttle quadrant (DMF manufacturing). New.

Load Horizontal Intersection Farings For Sale

Horizontal lower intersection fairings (Vans)

Load Vans Tailwheel Fork and Bellcrank For Sale

Vans tailwheel fork and bellcrank

Load Slip Indicator For Sale

Slip indicator

Load Start/Mag Switch For Sale

Start/mags switch with key (not shown)

Load Push-Pull Control Cable For Sale

Push-pull control cable (2ft long). For connecting rear throttle.

Load Tach Cable Housing For Sale

Tach cable (Housing only). Length: 27"?

Load Push-Pull Heat Cable For Sale

Push-pull cable for carb heat or cabin heat. New.

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